Certified Disaster Recovery Engineer

Course Title: Certified Disaster Recovery Engineer

Duration: 4 days

Class Format Options:

Instructor-led classroom or Live Online Training


A minimum of 1 year of Information Systems or IS Management

Student Materials:

Student Workbook

Certification Exams:

Mile2 C)DRE –Certified Disaster Recovery Engineer

CPEs: 32 Hours


IS Security Officers IS Managers Risk Managers  DR & BCP engineers

Information Systems

Owners IS Control Assessors


When a business is hit by a natural disaster, cyber crime or any other disruptive tragedy, how should the organization react? What if the network infrastructure is taken down? Will the business be able to continue operations? How much will it cost if the business is down during repairs?The answer is found in the vendor neutral Certified Disaster Recovery Engineer certification course. Disaster recovery and business continuity planning is the process of having a professional work with a business to prepare processes, policies and procedures to follow in the event of a disruption. The goal is to keep a business’ critical operations running, which today relies heavily on its IT infrastructure. The comprehensive Certified Disaster Recovery Engineer course goes beyond traditional BCP training -preparing students for industry certification in Business Continuity planning, and presenting the latest methodologies and best practices for real-world systems recovery. Students will receive a solid foundation of instruction that will enable them to create meaningful business continuity plans. This course offers up-to-date information that has been developed by leading risk management professionals.

Partener: Mile 2
Trainer: Mile2 Certified Trainer
Tip: Sală/Virtual
Cod: C)DRE
Durata: 4 zile

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