Virtualization Engineer


This fast paced, high energy, hands-on course provides not only the foundation needed for a top performing software defined datacenter, it also provides the latest in virtualization and cloud technologies which gives the engineer or administrator the knowledge and skills needed to design and manage the datacenter for tomorrow’s needs. This course will cover everything from design, installation, configuration, best practices, performance monitoring, and just about everything in between!


You will learn:

Latest technologies in virtualization and cloud infrastructures

Foundational concepts in virtualization and cloud technologies

Designing your infrastructure for today and tomorrow

How to install ESXi

How to configure the virtual network with performance and security in mind

How to configure storage with performance and security in mind

How vCLI and PowerCLI can help do the job faster

When to make use of advanced features such as DRS, DPM, Distributed Switches, Fault Tolerance and other key features

How Multipathing to storage devices works and when it should be used

How vMotion and SvMotion functions

Hot to perform backups and what 3rd party tools work best

How vVols can make a difference in your datacenter

Duration: 5 Days
Language: English
Instructor Led Online Training
Network+ Certification or Equivalent Knowledge
Two Years’ Experience with Microsoft or Linux Servers
Basic Virtualization/Cloud Knowledge
Student Materials:
Student Workbook – 700+ Pages
Student Lab Guide – 300+ Pages

Certification Exams:
Certified Virtualization Engineer
CEUs: 40
Virtualization and Cloud Administrators and Engineers, Virtualization and Cloud Security Engineers, System Administrators and Engineers
Students will:
· Have learned the pros, cons, best practices, and skills of virtualization.
· Be able to design, secure, deploy, and manage virtual machines.
· Be ready to sit for the C)VE exam.
The Certified Virtualization Engineer exam is taken online through Mile2’s Assessment and Certification System (“MACS”), which is accessible on your account. The exam will take 2 hours and consist of 100 multiple choice questions. The exam must be purchased separately.
Course Introduction
Module 1 – Software Defined Datacenter
Module 2 – Installing and Managing ESXi
Module 3 – Installing and Managing vCenter
Module 4 – Configuring and Managing a vSwitch
Module 5 – Configuring and Managing Storage
Module 6 – Configuring and Managing Virtual Machines
Module 7 – Configuring and Managing Distributed Switches
Module 8 – vSphere Management
Module 9 – Backup and Disaster Recovery Implementation and Management
Module 10 – vSphere Upgrading and Patch Management
Module 11- vSphere Monitoring and Performance
Module 12 – vSphere Native Security for Admins

Partener: Mile 2
Trainer: Mile2 Certified Trainer
Tip: Virtual
Cod: C)VE
Durata: 5 zile

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